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As one a few Lansing Roofing Companies that specialize in not only commercial, residential and industrial we understand the importance of training and making sure our crews are properly equipped to tackle all aspects of each roofing application. Things happen and that is why we make sure that our teams are trained to handle every situation.

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The roof on your home is one of, if not the most important part of your home or business. So, we understand why when an issue arises it is so very important to get in touch with a company to take care of your issue quickly efficiently and properly. Here at CR Roofing Lansing, we understand this concept and take it to heart. We strive for excellence and to make you happy while providing the best quality service at an affordable rate. We expect to be your local family roofers for generations to come.

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Is your home trying to tell you something? Here is a few reasons why you may need a roofing estimate…

We are here to help you decide if a new roof is the right choice for you. Let us break it down a bit…


Expired Warrenty?

Has the warranty for your existing roof expired?


How old is your roof?

Is your roof older than its expected lifespan?


Mother Nature is brutal

Do you have any bare spots with missing or loose shingles?


Wear and tear

Buckling or curling shingles?


Worn Shingles?

Worn down shingles that are flaking or pealing?


Roof repairs

Broken or missing tiles?


Water damage

Do you see daylight coming through the interior or water damage?


Water damage

These all are signs that you should have your roof inspected by a quality professional

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Just because you see water coming into your bedroom does not mean that the leak is above your bedroom Water moves in many different directions depending on the wind temperature etc. One reason why we suggest getting your roof completed by our professionals to ensure you do not end up with a leak shortly after replacing your roof. Ice guard is an example of a product used by code to ensure water does not travel up your roof and cause damage to your decking, insulation and eventually seeping down into your ceiling.

Many companies will take shortcuts and not play by the rules and that should never be the case. Especially when it comes to one of if not the most important aspect of your home’s livability, value and security. Many times, you can have shingles ripped off during storms or even hail damage. That’s where we come in just give us a call and we will make sure you are taken care of, many times when these types of occurrences happen you don’t even have to pay for a new roof in fact the insurance companies will take care of this as covered by your homeowner’s insurance policy.

The same goes for commercial policies that’s why Lansing Roofing completed by us here at CR Roofing Lansing we advise you give us a call anytime you are questioning your roofs integrity. 

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What you can expect during your project

  • Noise! That’s right, we said it! This is not a “quiet job”. We will do our best to complete your job in a timely manner, we know that the clinking and clanking isn’t music to your ears. Sometimes it is best if you can make arrangements to be away from the home, that way we do not disrupt your daily schedule.

  •  Keep an eye on children and pets. Do not let them in or around the construction area. We take safety seriously.

  • Protect your important wall décor or lose laying plates and shelving items. The large hammering tools we use are very strong and may be just strong enough to shake some of your inner household items lose.

  •  Move all vehicles or large outdoor toys from the driveway. We will need adequate space to bring in materials and move freely in and out.

  •  Pick up and move all outdoor items surrounding the home. Debris or materials may fall without notice and we do not want to ruin any of your exterior household items.

  • Be sure that there are electrical outlets available for the crew members to use. If you do not have any outdoor plugs available for use, please run a short, high amp extension cord under a garage door or window of the home. We don’t want unexpected hiccups if you are away at work or busy elsewhere during our installation.

  • We are unable to work if it is raining or snowing. Please expect delays in our schedule if this type of weather is expected. We are only able to complete as much work as weather permits.

  • Clean-up. We use a special magnetic roller when we clean up to help ensure all nails are picked up. We do our best, but please use caution after the job is completed as we are only human and there may be a nail or two left behind.

  • Cover items in the attic with a tarp or sheet as during a new roof installation project there may be debris that fall into this space. Please cover your stored items.

  • We work as a team with both you, and our crew members. A smooth project is always our goal. If you have concerns of the quality of your service, please do not hesitate to let us know.

Roofing Repairs

Do you have water damage or concerns of a roof in less than perfect condition?

Storm Damage

We cant escape the unexpected. Lets face it, mother nature is not always on our side. Call us to assess the damage and give you a quote for repair. We work with insurance companies.


Let us Re-Roof your home when the time comes. We are ready to impress you with the quality of our service.

Flat roofs

Do you have a special need? Give us a call. We can handle any type of roofing need, even flat roofs.

Tear Offs

Need to start over? We can handle any size project. You name it, and we are here for you.


We are your local Lansing Roofing Contractors. Fill out our request form or give us a call today to request a free estimate.

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As a roofer in Lansing we have dealt with all the obstacles that Michigan’s climate has to offer. Sunny one-minute hailstorm the next. We understand, here at CR Roofing Lansing we know how important it is to be sure your roof is well preserved for the rainy and snowy season, which is why we offer flexible financing options to fit any budget with competitive interest rates. We also accept traditional forms of payment such as cash and check. Credit cards with applicable fee. Give us a Call Today to schedule your free Roofing Contractors Lansing MI quote!!!!


CR Roofing Lansing MI are in business for you. We enjoy educating our clients about proper roof maintenance to ensure your new roof lasts for years to come.

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Having a roof repaired or replaced can really put a damper on your bank account. We all know this is the truth…no getting around that. However, the advantages of staying on top of any roofing needs will inevitably save you money in the long run. Roofs come with manufactures warranties to give you some peace of mind after your roofing investment is complete. Don’t let roof repair costs hold you back. Letting a roof go is one of the biggest mistakes a homeowner can possibly make.

A roof protects your home, which for most people is the biggest purchase they will make in a lifetime. Neglecting minor repairs can lead to much larger expenses down the road and really hurt your bank more than a small initial expense. A well-maintained roof will add years to the life of your roof, pushing you farther and farther away from the replacement of your roof. Give us a call to evaluate the situation so we can give you the proper advice on how to move forward with any repair needs.

CR Lansing Roofers is a family-owned company that services the Lansing MI and surrounding areas. Our team is knowledgeable in the industry and specializes in residential roofing.

If after reading you feel like you may be a perfect candidate for a roof repair or replacement, give us a call! There is no one better at giving you advice on the quality or condition of your roof then an industry professional, like us. Our customer service is second to none, and we take pride in our ability to continue to impress our client’s day in and day out.

We treat our clients like family, as this is exactly how we would like to be treated. Expect nothing short of friendly faces with your roofing project. CR Lansing Roofing is here for you, our client.